Aurora Electric

In 2049, all artificial intelligence is considered a deadly weapon. Outside of industrial realms, intelligent robots are forbidden. When engineer David Whitman sets out to father a child with his husband Shane, he must break the anti-robot law. Creating the perfect daughter to his exact specifications isn't just a dream. It's his obsession. Is parenthood worth the real risk of imprisonment or worse? A determined David doesn't care. He'll build an electric child if it's the last thing he does. Meanwhile Shane fears the worst. Keeping their daughter Aurora's true nature a secret starts off as an exciting game. But a secret can't stay secret forever.

Prepare for the ride of your life as you journey alongside the most sophisticated machine the world has ever known. Fall in love with her every step of the way...only to find yourself dangling from unimaginable heights during a climactic cliff-hanger of an ending.

Aurora Electric is the first book in an action-packed, heart-racing trilogy that explores the limits of mankind's ingenuity and the depths of the human heart. Know that the adventure lives on in the second and third installments of The Aurora Chronicles: Gemini Electric and Diamond Electric.

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