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Aurora Electric

It was September of 2013 in Las Vegas, the place I call home, and a brave team of construction workers had just completed the outer rim of The High Roller, the world’s tallest observation wheel. At over 500 hundred feet tall, it easily stole the gaze of anyone and everyone looking toward the Strip. As for me, seeing the giant wheel loom over my favorite city set my imagination on fire.

Could anyone else see what I saw?

When I closed my eyes, I viewed it clearer still. The wheel was all lit up, and a tiny figure scaled to the very top of it. But why? Then I realized that people were in danger, and she was going to save them.

Who was she?

A very peculiar eight-year-old. A special girl with capabilities unfathomable for a member of the human race.

Her name?


I wanted to peer further into her universe. She’d gripped the fabric of my imagination with nothing more than the shadow of her secretive nature. I needed to know more. And when I finally found out who she really was, I had to tell the world.

This is the birth of Aurora Electric, my debut novel in an action-packed sci-fi trilogy.

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